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Regina Holliday
Meet the 2008-09 Southern Region Vice President

May 2009

Regina Holliday loves animal agriculture. A native of Dublin, Ga., she began showing beef cattle at an early age. When she joined FFA in ninth grade, beef quickly became the focus of her supervised agricultural experience program, and it’s continued to grow. Regina’s career goal is to finish her undergraduate degree at the University of Georgia and eventually become a veterinarian. But for now, she’s enjoying her year traveling the country as the National FFA Southern Region Vice President. Learn more about Regina.

Q What is your favorite part about being a college student?

A I love life at the University of Georgia! The best part about being a college student is getting to meet new people. Trust me; in a lecture hall of more than 400 students, you meet somebody new every day! Really, I was afraid of not being around people who were familiar to me. You get to college and you meet so many people that have the same interests as you. If you ever need a study buddy or just need a friend, you are certain to find somebody.

Q Why should FFA members consider joining Collegiate FFA after they finish high school?

A Collegiate FFA is a great way to continue involvement in such a great organization. You may go to schools outside of your state, but you continue to work with individuals who have the same belief in agriculture. Plus, it helps give you a heads up on what is going and how we as agriculturalists can help educate people on things that affect our everyday lives.

Q Animal agriculture is under attack by a lot of organizations. As a beef cattle producer and FFA member, what do you tell people when asked about our nation’s food supply and its safety?

A We have one of the safest – if not the safest – food supply in the world. Quite often, people don’t fully understand the issues in agriculture, so it’s important to educate people about our industry. That education starts as FFA members in our local communities and can even extend to our collegiate careers and beyond.

Q A lot of other FFA members, like you, want to become veterinarians. What steps are you taking to prepare yourself for this career?

A I have realized the important of maintaining good grades, so studying is a must for me. The average GPA to get into vet school is a 3.8, so I have to hit the books! I also think it is important to build relationships with faculty and staff at your college or university. My advisor at UGA has been instrumental in helping me take the required courses and developing a plan of action so that I can go into vet school. And when in doubt about something, just ask.

Q Do you have a quote or saying you live by or that fits what you are currently experiencing as a national officer?

A I don’t think there are really words to describe the opportunities and the experiences of this year. Probably one of the phrases I’ve written a lot about in my journal is, “Do what you love, love what you do.”

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